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About Us

H.M. Security is a family-run business, which has been operating for approximately 15 years.
I was fortunate to have a Special Task Team ex-Member who was 1 of my Instructors, and will always be grateful to these instructors, with the wealth of knowledge they have taught me. We covered a lot of practical street defensive tactics, and this was the side of martial arts I had always enjoyed. I hold a 2nd Degree Black Belt in a martial art, and until approximately 8 years ago, I was instructing on a regular basis.
If you are a martial artist and into your competitive ARENA, please do NOT make a terrible mistake and think your competition tactics will keep you alive in the street.(VERY DIFFERENT SCENARIO PEOPLE,DO NOT CONFUSE THE 2 )

I have been in the security industry for a number of years, and I am a
* NaFTA (National Firearms Training) Instructor, and
* ITA Firearms Instructor.

We have run a number of firearm courses, AND SELF DEFENSE COURSES which teaches one how to survive an attack, be it stick,knife,club& firearm attacks etc.We teach people they have to do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SURVIVE AN ATTACK.

There are other courses, such as Compliance & Control and Flash Point, which could be run on special request.

H.M. Security takes pride in providing the best possible service and equipment, such as handcuffs, bullet-proof vests, including OB books, knives, batons, ASP batons and pepper guns, medical equipment, camping equipment etc...etc..Check our ratings out I think they speak for them selves.

When it is you or your family at risk, DO NOT take short-cuts OR CHANCES!!!!

Thanks for visiting our website. Keep safe."STAY VIGILANT AT ALL TIMES !!!!"