Guardian Angel Pepper Spray

Light, portable, dependable, and easily controlled, this unit is ideal for contolled OC product into a specific area. The wand attachment allows the user to apply fog with force under doors, ceiling openings, holes, and windows. Incredibly fast acting!

A High Intensity Fog Delivery System for Wand attachment, that’s ideal for putting controlled OC product into a specific area, seeking the subjects’ immediate compliance.

MK-9 Aerosol Projector features a Pistol Grip with Pull Pin Safety on the canister, as well as a sturdy metal wand for room clearance. The wand is reusable and easy to maneuver, and allows the user to apply OC controlling force under doors, cell openings, holes and windows.

UV Dye added for easy identification, putting the subject at the scene of incidence.

MK-9 High Intensity Fog OC Pepper Spray is safe for use with EMD devices (Electro-Muscular Disruptor) such as TASER.

14 oz Aerosol Projector for Wand w/High Intensity Fog and Pistol Grip/Pull Pin Safety
Firing Mechanism: Pistol Grip with Pull Ring Safety
10% OC Level III formulation at 2,000,000 SHU 1.25 % TC (Total Capsaicinoids) br/>Effective Range: 15ft to 18ft – Affects Larger Area After Deployment
Size: Width 2.60″/Height 9.15″

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